Highschool grad

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  • Anonymous: How can we talk about it then

    Well if you’re off anon somewhere not on social media

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    im still in between kinda accepting my body and wanting to starve myself for weeks i dont know 

    I love you more when you eat.

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    Anonymous: How much for an 8th

    I prefer not to talk about this here

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learn to fly means love the wind. on We Heart It.
    Anonymous: Do you sell weed?

    I might

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    Anonymous: how long ago you had sex still doesnt change the fact that you constantly need attention from a male. you wont even let yourself say you hang out with girls but girls dont want to hang out with someone who chooses actual bros over girlfriends

    Ok lol

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    Why is everyone always is everyone else’s business like damn leave everyone and their choices alone and focus on your own for once

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amanda bret

My goals are to wear more joggers and to get my stomach finished.
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